Hello. Looking for some spiritual guidance and essays on the meaning of life? Well…

None of that can be found here. Only unashamed exhibits of design, photography and illustration projects. So, enjoy!

Krio Krush / Webdesign & Photography
Angela Gracie / Brand & Webdesign
HTN Website Design & Photography
Escoffier Book Covers / Cookery Volume
Prostate and Breast Cancer Foundation Australia
University of Newcastle, Inspirational 4x2m Artwork
PCYC Newcastle / Print & Online Campaign
Animations introducing an online learning tool
University of Newcastle, SEEC Cooperative Branding
HPY Brand Development
Teacher training, HPY
Logo Concept Development
Science Challenge Brochure, University of Newcastle
Science Challenge, University of Newcastle
Promotional iTunes banner
Book Covers - Event Management
Book Covers - Food and Beverage
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